Client Testimonials

What part of the architect’s services (design, communication, construction knowledge, problem solving, etc.) did you find most valuable?

“All of the above. Easy communication, always available, clear design drawings, etc. Solved problems in timely manner and always agreeable to discussing changes, etc.”

“Louis did an outstanding job on all fronts. His design was perfectly matched to the existing house. His communications were always clear and understandable. His construction drawings and knowledge were admired by all who saw them! But, his most valuable quality was his listening skills! He always incorporated everything we said into his plans for the next meeting.”

“In the beginning, it was designing the space that would work for us. In the end, it was running interference with a reluctant contractor – and getting him back to fix things.”

“Design, communication, problem solving and efficiency were most valuable. Louis developed a renovation design to meet our needs and budget. Meetings were well run and held on an as needed basis. No useless meetings, which we appreciated.”

“Louis is a true gentleman, and all of the services, including those listed above, were handled without stress. He was timely, professional and creative. His recommendation for the contractor was perfect.”

“I would have to say that the overall design was the most important. We wanted to enlarge the house without a clear division between new and old. The suggestion of the front porch and the bump-outs on the second floor were excellent design suggestions that achieved space without looking awkward.”

“We were very happy with the design...process. It was also nice to have a third party involved (we, the contractor & architect).”

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