Coastal Cottage

Narragansett, RI

Original residence circa 1860's with Dutch influence.
Moved to current site circa 1930's.
Additions and alterations to residence completed 2003.

Architect: Studio DiBerardino, LLC
Contractor: D.A.N. Co. Inc., Dan Northup

Scope of Work:

New two story addition for additional bedrooms, bathrooms and entertaining approximately doubling the square footage of the residence.

Third story addition to access water views.


Original structure was part of an estate and previously served as a "Tea House". The structure was moved to its current location and converted to a residence after a fire destroyed the majority of the estate.

Raised gable parapet detailing on the original structure is uniquely Dutch. The residence received special attention from the locals and those passing by. Additions would need to be made in a sensitive and complimentary way.

Headroom in existing bedrooms and bathroom was quite low. Kitchen was extremely small.


While some of the original designs replicated the raised gable detail for the new roofs, ultimately the new roofs were constructed in a simpler way to allow the original structure to remain unique.

Additions to the original structure were designed to create a new composition of distinct parts. The original structure remains predominately intact and closest to the street. The "bookend" addition housing the new bedrooms is comparable in mass to original structure and is sited further from the street and at a slight angle. The expanded Kitchen (now Great Room) is nestled between the original structure and the "bookend" addition. At the very center is the third floor "tower" element that serves to unify the parts of this new composition.

New interior spaces are in scale with the original spaces so as to maintain the intimate feel of the original residence.


Many custom interior and exterior details, including circle patterned shingles at the "tower" walls, patterned wood railings, exposed roof rafter tails and light filled colorful interiors contribute to the continued local appeal of the residence.

The arched copper porch roof at the original side entry to the Kitchen was salvaged and reinstalled at the Sunroom side entry.

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