19th Hole Expansion

Norwalk, CT

Original residence (cottage), circa 1930's
Additions and alterations to residence completed 2005.

Architect: Studio DiBerardino, LLC

Scope of Work:

New two-story addition for more identifiable front door, upgraded master bathroom and closet and an additional bedroom.

New detached two-car garage.


The original front door was at the "side" of house accessing a very tight entry space. The original cottage structure accommodated only three bedrooms and two of them were moderately sized. The existing master bathroom was very small and did not have a bathtub. The property did not have a garage and an attached garage was not feasible.

Fairways of a private golf course border both one side and the rear of the property. From the property, there are views of Long Island Sound to the south.


A single three-story addition achieves the primary goals of the project. Each level of the addition has views of the golf course and Long Island Sound. A new guest bedroom is within the lower level of the addition adjacent to an existing full bathroom. The main level of the addition creates a new main entry directly facing the approach to the house. The main entry leads to a small sitting area which accesses the expanded outdoor deck. The upper level of the addition accommodates a "second" master bathroom for her with a bathtub and a walk-in closet. The roofline of the addition aligns with the peak of the original. Oversized doghouse-style dormers were created to continue the cottage character of the house while providing the necessary interior space.

A detached two-car garage was constructed along the paved approach to the house. It is positioned in order to maintain the views of the golf course and Long Island Sound and to keep the new front entry in focus upon arrival to the house.


Additional exterior details were added to the original house and also included on the addition to further enhance the cottage character. Roof brackets (Owner found patterned wood braces typically used to support a mailbox) were installed where possible at existing rooflines and at new rooflines. Existing basic square deck support posts were enlarged and embellished with decorative mouldings and panels. Exposed roof rafter tails were incorporated into the new designs to match the original house.

Garage has carriage-style overhead doors and a cupola to continue the cottage theme.

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