Tudor Carriage House

Fairfield, CT

Tudor style residence circa 1927
Alterations to residence completed 2003
New garage outbuilding completed 2003

Architect: Studio DiBerardino, LLC
Contractor: Greg's Carpentry, Building & Remodeling, LLC

Scope of Work:

New garage outbuilding for car and motorcycle storage with multi-purpose room on upper level.
Site work to accommodate new masterplan for property.


Vehicular access to property was reversed previously, resulting in an approach to the residence from the original rear side.

Existing "slate" roof on residence is actually asbestos based roofing from the 1970's.

Outbuilding required sensitive positioning in order to compliment and not overwhelm the original residence.


New entry addition was created to identify and highlight approach to residence.

Outbuilding was located askew to original residence to ease the overall massing and to create an interestingly shaped courtyard between the buildings.


Amcraft rubber roof shingles were selected based upon their appropriateness for the new outbuilding. Existing roofing on the residence will eventually be replaced with the same rubber shingles.

Custom fabricated wrought iron gate in masonry garden wall leads to new courtyard.

Traditional cement stucco on exterior of outbuilding was used to best match the texture of the stucco on the residence.

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