Exterior Restoration & Dining Porch

Fairfield, CT

Italianate style circa 1850
Addition completed 1998

Architect: Studio DiBerardino
Contractor: Homecraft Construction, Victor DiBerardino

Scope of Work:

Porch addition expansion for outdoor dining, miscellaneous interior renovations including powder room and wine cellar.


Below grade exterior areaway (as deep as basement) below existing porch originally served as a light well for the basement which housed the main kitchen. Areaway was maintained as a light well but all walls were either reinforced or replaced.

The planned work required approval by the town historic district commission.


Existing L-shaped wrap around porch was expanded into rear yard to provide outdoor dining space with a curved, vaulted ceiling.


New curved roof rafters were pattern cut from 18" deep engineered lumber.

Eave brackets and guardrails were replicated from the originals.

New octagonal shaped columns were built-up in the same manner as the originals.

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