Seaside Community

Thomas Place
Rowayton, CT

Housing Development
Various projects 1994-1999

Architect: Studio DiBerardino, LLC
Developer/Contractor: Starwood Capital

Scope of Work:

Complete interior renovations and window replacement for Unit 14

Design of (6) new units to complete development.


Original windows and exterior doors in existing units have major water damage.

Main level of Unit 14 is partitioned into several small rooms limiting views of Wilson Cove.

Association has architectural design guidelines for all new development.

Predetermined by previous regulatory approvals, remaining building lots are irregularly shaped.


Steel transfer beams are installed at the main level of Unit 14 to allow for removal of several load bearing partitions. The resulting open floor plan coupled with expanded areas of glass provide an increased panoramic view of Wilson Cove.

Damaged existing windows and exterior doors are replaced with new larger units with expanded glass to capture water views

New units are composed of varied forms, partly due to the irregularly shaped building lots, adding visual interest and adhering to the architectural guidelines of the association.

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