Bungalow Transformation

Norwalk (Silvermine), CT

1950's stone clad, ranch style residence
Additions and alterations to residence completed 2002.

Architect: Studio DiBerardino, LLC
Contractor: Blue Wave Builders

Scope of Work:

New second floor addition for primary bedrooms and bathroom. New covered front porch.


Existing stone veneer was installed several inches away from the exterior wood wall.

Budget constraints prohibited altering the entire residence.

First floor footprint was to remain intact - expansion was not required.


New second floor wall shingles were swooped outward to cover the existing extra-deep stone veneer.

Existing roofing and siding were replaced on the entire residence, even those portions that were not altered in order to better unify the new "bungalow" effect.

A combination of varying rooflines and dormers create visual interest even though the first floor footprint is essentially a square in shape.

The new covered porch is created by extending the broad main roof over it - a classic feature of "bungalow" style architecture.


The craftsmanship of the new stone veneer (front porch and chimney extension) creates a seamless blend between the new and the old.

Copper gutters, exposed rafter tails, custom wood roof brackets, tapered wood porch columns and period light fixtures all add to the overall "bungalow" feel.

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